Monday, 19 December 2011


It's nearly Christmas!


Now to write in green..

... or red? That is then question

But what is the answer?

Hmm what do you get when you mix red and green?

To Google!!

hehehe it's the first one! I'm not the only retard in the world!

Brown? But brown is such a ... how do I put this nicely

Un-aesthetically pleasing colour?

*Blinks* How do you know such a big word?


aww the world makes sense again.

OMG Zelda Skyward Sword advert!!!!!!!!!! *squeal*

*covers ears*


You should be

*le glare*

... Hmm what colour should we be then I don't like brown

Lets be blue! They both start with B

Hells yeah!

So People of the world lets get this Christmas post started!

..before you know I get distracted again *glances at paused Zelda advert* 7 more days till your mine!

But only 6 days till Christmas!

Yeah I get two Christmas's! It comes with the joys of divorced parents ... that and your dad is no longer round long enough to sit on you ... hmm

Well this year I'm getting ... well besides Zelda no idea? (but who needs more then Zelda :D)

hehehe he looks like he has a double chin...

So with a deep breath I would like to wish you all a merry Xmas!


Back to Trees

Now let me entertain you with  funny Christmas pictures before you realise those last few words weren't anyones names ... just filling up space because I know I will of forgotten somebody (Who I obviously didn't mean to forget)

The dirty one for the likes of Venice :P


One for all the cute cartoon lovers out there

One for the more diplomatic individuals (more big words! I must be ill)

Because it's cute and funny :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloweenie Time!

 Halloween! I love Halloween, the candy, the costumes, the candy, the decorations, the candy, the pumkins, the candy and scaring the heebie jeebies out of everyone!

As you can see to your left I made a pumpkin with my 2 year old sister this year so feast apon its glorious.... glowy-ness!

 Now this is the part where I take credit for the whole thing and completly ignore my sisters amazing pumpkin killing skills. So. Ahem. I did it all.

As for the costumes me and my friend Emily were dressed as zombie school girls this year so let me show you how lovely we are before I scare you with scary photos of us :D

Moi on the left and Em on he right

See, we are generally nice brain eating zombie children .... as long as we have a stock of brain icecream, other wise we are legally inclined to eat your brain .... Mmm brain.

And on that lovely thought look at our scariness!

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bad Blood ~ Part One

Don't worry I do realise I haven't wrote anything in a while and yes I'm aware none of you asked for me to write anything I just assumed some of you would appreciate me writing something. So it is with my pleasure that I present to you my new series :D I have had the Plot for a while now and finally decided to use it. In this chapter Is Moi, Gepard, Venice and Kallista but it's only the opening and others will definitely be included later ;)


They cruised around the corner the bikes pedal millimetres away from the ground along with Nicolette's knee. The trip into the country side was a short one which was why Nicolette had only bothered to put on sunglasses to shield her eyes instead of a full on helmet.

Venice and Gepard had wanted to meet with her in a remote park today, they had said it was important, so naturally Nicolette had left five minutes late. Every job the sanctuary ever gave her and her group of friends was apparently important but truth was it was a job that had next to no risk to it. They just didn't want to risk loosing the cleavers they had left.

Coming up straight from the corner Nicolette reved up the speed again every second getting considerably closer to where she needed to be. As she slowed to turn round one of the last corners she saw something move in the corner of her eye. She ignored it, concentrating on the turn but as soon as the motor bike leaned to the left something jumped from the side of the road.

The bike crashed to the ground and Nicolette and the mysterious figure went tumbling. Nicolette screamed in surprise as they tumbled down the side of the bank. Searing pain spread up her back as her back scraped across the ground at high speed but she pressed it aside trying to get the sunglasses off so she could she properly. All she could see was a tangle of black hair, possible dark brown that appeared black threw her shades.

"Get off me!" Nicolette screamed swinging up her knee. The knee struck its target and the figure reeled off her tumbling along side her. Just when Nicolette thought the ground was about to level off they tumbled up a slope into thin air. They tumbled threw nothing Nicolette staring down at what they were about to hit. Water.

Nicolette's arms cradled around herself just as she broke the water sinking deep below the surface. In all the confusion she hadn't taken a deep breath and she needed air as soon as she went under. Opening her eyes to the stinging water she pushed her hair away and kicked up towards the surface of the water. She had completely forgotten about her attacker until they grabbed her foot pulling her back down. She went to kick but her actions were slowed in the water. If only she was an elemental.

Instead the supposed woman from the glimpse of long black hair she had caught dodged her foot and circled around her identity masked by her long black hair. Her glasses had long since fallen off but with both of there hair soaked whether or not she had black or brown hair was still a mystery.  Nothing happened for a while and then all of a sudden her arm went around Nicolette's neck and started choking. Nicolette tried to kick as she automatically gagged. The sudden intake of water send bubble of air scrambling from her mouth causing her to choke even more.

The pain from her injuries started to fade away and Nicolette's eyes fluttered. She hadn't been choking long but it felt like forever. The arm let go and the figure retreated up to the surface for air. Nicolette wanted to swim up to. She needed to but she was to weak and so she let her eyes close as she sank.


Gepard lent back against the bench looking at Venice as she rested against the back of a tree. Nicolette had agreed to be on time but as usual she was late. Very late. "Gepard remind me again how late she is." Without even having to look at his watch he just sighed and said "About forty minutes late now." Venice groaned pushing off the tree that's it I don't want to wait any longer, waiting five to ten minutes for her normally is ok but this is stupid."

Gepard straightened his head and stood from the bench. "I guess she had something better to do." He said as Venice walked up beside him. "Well she should of called, now were forty minutes late meeting the council and they won't be happy." Venice walked ahead towards the black car in the distance they had used to get here. He frowned to himself before starting to jog to reach up with Venice.


Venice had gotten there first and so she was the one driving them to the sanctuary but the fact they were already late didn't make her a very good driver. She drove over double the speed limits cutting around corners just so they didn't fall off the steep hills around the roads. They were about halfway to the motor way when Venice had to slow the car and when it came to a stop she cursed.

"Some idiots had an accident at the corner." She groaned slamming her head down on the steering wheel. Gepard grinned at her as she repeatedly hit her head against the wheel before undoing his seat belt. Venice looked up. "What are you doing?"

"Asking if they could possible give us a way around these country roads will keep us driving until nightfall if we have to go around and by that time we'll get fired." Venice nodded making no move to get out of the car. Gepard left slamming the door and walking up the the police tape. It was a motorbike accident and by the looks of the mangled body they had been going fast. There was only a little blood though which meant the poor sod had probably fell off the hill.

Police looked up as Gepard ducked under the tape. "You can't come in here!" They shouted
Gepard looked around. " I can't? How did I get in then? Ah never mind I have always been an over achiever."

The police narrowed there eyes and Gepard grinned at them. This is the scene of an accident you have to leave sir. "pfft sir is so fancy, just call me Gepard."
"Sir if you don't go now we will have to force you."
"No need." Gepard said raising his hands mockingly "Me and my friend were just looking for a way around."
"I'm sorry but we can't open the way until the area has been investigated you'll have to go back."

Gepard creased his eyebrows in annoyance. "It's a motor bike it's not that big jeez look at it you don't need to take up the whole road sealing it off." Gepard looked at the motor bike as he pointed to it. It was to mangled to much but the number plate was readable. P3NG01N Gepard eyes widened.

"Never mind." He shouted ducking under the tape and opening Venice's door. It's Nicolette bike. Venice stared out the widow before reversing. "I'll meet you around the corner." Gepard jogged after the car as it spun around the corner out of sight of the cops. By the time he reached it Venice was staring down at the lake below.

"we'll have to get down there." She said looking up "Care to give us a slow down?" Gepard joined her by the railing on the count of three?" She nodded. "Three, Two, One" They leaped over the barrier tumbling towards the small bank and just when Venice thought Gepard had forgot they slowed down completely touching the ground incredibly gently. The bank was mainly sand which is why the muddy streaks up ahead were very out of place. "Someone got out of the water recently." Venice stated quite proud at her detective skills.

"Don't you think she would of contacted us?"
"So Your saying she was attacked."
"Well that's what I think, if it turns out to be true I'll be very impressed."

Gepard rolled his eyes and bent down to touch the water. He read it carefully checking the surface of the lake before reading deeper and deeper. "There is something to heavy to be a rock at the bed of the lake." He said thinking it could be a bit of the bikes debris. "Can you bring it up." Venice asked looking at him. "Of course I can I'm amazing." Venice jabbed her elbow into his ribs and he smiled as he lifted whatever it was with the water.

A while passed and then multiple small columns of water came out of the water carrying the body of a girl, soaked hair plastered to her face. "Oh my God." Venice said. "Quick get her out." Gepard blinked before bringing the water towards the bank and lowered them. It was definitely Nicolette. And if the fact she had been about thirty minutes late if you removed her usual tardiness suggested she had been there a while. Venice removed her mobile from her jacket. "Kallista are you at the sanctuary." The muffled voice of Kallista came across the phones speaker. "Good get the sanctuary doctor were at the lake." The mention of a lake was hint enough for Kallista and Venice cut off the phone almost immediately.


Crouched up on the steep hills was a girl dressed in damp clothes, her hair had dried even though it was still the same raven black it had been in the water. She watched the two from the bank and thought about ending their lives there but instead watched them. It had been way to easy taking her life, No doubt they had called the sanctuary doctor and if the girl thought correctly that meant she still stood a chance of being revived.

Her lips twisted into a smile, She had over estimated her, she would allow them to revive her and then when she got back to her full strength she wouldn't tackle her by surprise she was take her on one on one fairly. Maybe then she would get the satisfaction she wanted.

And with that she stood climbing very little before leaping over the barrier. "Police! Remain still!" The girl with the black hair turned to face the police. "What were you doing down there?." The girls eyes glistened "You don't need to know what I was doing." She said stroking his arm causing him to freeze. "What you do need to know is what I want you to do." The polices eyes widened as she removed her hand from his arm. "What do you need of me." He said, his voice fairly monotoned. "I need you to destroy all report you have made of this crash destroy all evidence it ever happened and then what I want you to do is take you little gun from you pocket and shoot yourself in the head."

The man said nothing but instead removed all recordings from his pocket and smashed them to pieces with his foot. He then turned to the remains of the bike picked it up and threw it over the rails. Once he took down the police tape and placed it in his car the woman saw him reach for his gun. Satisfied he would do as told without further pushing she grinned slyly and turned away walking into the pushes were she had kept her bike. The gun shot went off just as she slided herself onto the seat.


BOM BOM BOM! Cool Evil chick :D Every story needs a good villain .. and a dramatic start to kick things off with :P Don't worry next part should be up in the next few days :)

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Skulduggery Pleasant Death Bringer!


Thank you WHSmith and your blatant disregard to publishing dates :D *dies with happiness*


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Part one of a Story with no Plot of Plan, but a Story non the less...

It wasn't often Nicolette was told what to do, mainly because whenever she was told to do something she went out of her way to do the opposite. Today however she had planned to behave.


But old habits die hard and without realising she had broken the one rule she had been given. "Don't draw attention to yourself." Yet somehow she had still managed to draw out a crowd of angry neighbours to the front of her apartment. How? She had no idea but she was determined to make them go away without confrontation. She didn't think she could take that many people with just her martial art skills.

Unless half of them were old. Sticking a head out a second story window she glanced at the complaining crowd and popped her head back in just as they started throwing stones. No old people. Drat!

So completely oblivious she ran around the house. Up and down stairs, straightening paintings that had fallen crooked, turning off the unneeded lights and checking each room  for any bad smells but nothing was wrong. So ducking by the window she listened out hoping to hear what their problem was.

Just then however a great crash came from down the hall  and Nicolette jumped out of her skin before she could hear anything. Frowning she quickly crawled away from the window and then stood, to avoid the eyes of the mob and walked towards the bathroom. Where she opened the door to see the plants knocked off her windowsill and a rather flushed looking Kallista stuck in the toilet (no pun intended) and a smug Dragona looking down at her.

"You could of used the door." I said leaning against the bathrooms own door.
"The one Surrounded by a mob? No thanks" Dragona commented looking straight at Nicolette as Kallista finally managed to unwedge herself from the toilet bowl.
"Besides doors are for people with no imagination." Kallista added with a smile
"Windows are for people with more grace then that Kall." Dragona added
"Hey I have grace! Besides what else was I meant to come in through?."

"The Chimney?" I added breaking the silence.
"Naa, that's reserved for Santa Claus." Kallista said pondering any other ways to get into the house.
"Well your here now and unless you planned on using the bathroom I have a perfectly good sitting room..."
"Actually we came here to tell you to turn the music off."

Music? What music? Listening sharply I finally remembered the pounding music coming from my bedroom, I gotten used to it but it seemed the neighbours hadn't. "Oh shoot!" I said scrambling down the hall straight into my room and switching the stereo off at the wall. Glancing out the window I saw the people turn their heads and mutter before walking out my gate.

" Oh ... that's why I had that angry mob." Nicolette had never been faced with a mortal mob before, the fact they weren't trying to kill her was confusing enough but she also had no idea what they wanted.

Dragona sighed behind her. "Nicolette, I know your not one for rules for you promised to try and follow this one."
Nicolette spun round, mouth wide and confusment on her face. "I swear I didn't mean to draw attention." She  stuttered "It's just I finally had a day off so I wanted to enjoy myself so I thought music would be nice and-" It was then she realised she was babbling and nervously scratched her neck.

"Anyway it's not like they were mages, I thought you meant don't draw the attention of mages."
"You drew our attention and we didn't even realise this was your place until we checked the address." Dragona reasoned and Nicolette could only half open her mouth before frowning.

"Don't be we knew it would happen."
"Wha-." Nicolette stood there still as a painting before she started talking so fast she couldn't be understood and so tried to explain with hand gestures. The whole picture looked almost like she was having a fit, the only problem was she was stood upright."

Kallista giggled beside Dragona who looked at her with the same smug expression he had given Kallista earlier.

"Not yet." Nicolette said before taking another gasp of air and continuing."

A minute later she stopped with a sigh.
"That was quicker then last time." Dragona commented
"I have been practising."

Kallista smiled at her friend before coming to stand next to her. "Silly Nicolette, how could you not expect us to suspect you'd get yourself in trouble when you always do?"

She stayed silent so Kallista gave her a quick noogie. "We were all going to spend our day off going out for lunch together since most of you are never in the mood whilst working.

"Being covered in blood puts me off food." Dragona argued
"And I really don't like the idea doing dishes for killing some evil dude in someones restaurant." Nicolette added.

Dragona raised both his eyebrows and was probably going to add how we would most likely run instead of do dishes if it came to that but decided correcting her wasn't worth the effort.
"I don't like doing dishes either Nic." Kallista said putting an arm around the young girls waist and leading her to the window.

"Wait Kallista can't we use the d-." before she could finish Kallista pushed her out the second story window and Nicolette squealed before quickly drawing energy from the air and using it to shield her fall. Just as she hit the ground unharmed she let the barrier down in time for Kallista to land right on top of her.
"oft, why not use your magic Kall?" Nicolette questioned as she rolled over winded but Kallista just grinned." I wanted to show Dragona I do have grace." she said before skipping down the path to the gate.

Nicolette lay there to lazy to get up as Dragona dropped down from the window and followed Kallista to the gate. "you coming?"
"I will when I start breathing, I don't think you can eat if your dead." She breathed before standing and letting in deep breaths.
"RACE YOU" Kallista shouted as she started the engine on her motorbike and set off at high speed down the calm village road.
Suddenly breathing was the least of Nicolette's worries and she raced past Dragona onto her own motorcycle, a blue Kawasaki Ninga and set off down the road after her friend.

Behind them Dragona chuckled quietly pulling out the keys to his Porsche 911 GT3 RS. His prized possession. With the optional supercharger this car could easily reach over 200MPH and Dragona was confident that even with the girls head start he could take them.

... 5 minutes down the road...

Nicolette had only just caught up. Kallista was right in front of her that if she wanted to Nicolette could reach out and pat her on the back but at this speed that wasn't to wise. Twisting to the right Nicolette pulled down hard on the throttle and whizzed to the side of Kallista's bike. Kallista's helmeted face glanced at her but the visor wasn't showing anything.

What was obvious was that Kallista was out to win. She also pulled down on the throttle but it was no use, at the two girls sped round the corner it was obvious they couldn't get any faster ... they had both reached their top speeds. Now it was all about the cornering. Racing round the Corner Kallista went wide, trying to cut into the other corner but unfortunately had to slow as Nicolette cut in threw the inside. as they exited the bend Kallista cursed at allowing Nicolette to take the lead. Yet as she was about to slip up beside her a white and red blur came up from behind. Going straight past both of the girls and overtaking ahead of them.

"What the-?" She heard Nicolette shout from her visor. "Whats white and red and capable of going over 200 miles an hour? She shouted to Kallista.
"Santa?" How else is he meant to deliver all the presents in one night if he cant go over 200 miles an hour."

If she could Nicolette would of gladly slapped Kallista right then if it wouldn't of flipped them to the road side. "You talk as if he's real." She added.
"He is!" Kallista argued and threw the other girls visor she could see Nicolette's eyebrows ridge.
"Um Kall Santa's your parents."

She was silent for a while after that and Nicolette suddenly regretted saying it, she hadn't actually thought Kallista was being serious. "Explains why I haven't been getting presents, I thought it was because I killed my goldfish."

Nicolette smiled in her visor before hitting the throttle, planning to overtake the white and red Porsche ahead of them.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Poem contest

My friend wrote this poem for the poetry contest going on at school, I love it but she wants some non bias views since I'm her best friend ... So here it is

Life is but a fickle thing,
That one can not describe.
A miracle that happens daily,
And continues to survive.

But amongst survival comes decisions.
Choices critical to our  lives.
Some cause joyful leaps of excitement
Others desperate torn cries.

Every day is a struggle.
The struggle to survive.

Life is given so easily.
And taken away without difficulty
Even the best can be corrupted
A heart of gold traded for evil beauty.

There's no one to blame but ourselves.
We all have wills and our own mind.
Yes sometimes they are twisted. 
And we act without looking behind.
To only stop and wish that time could rewind.

But life is full of wonders,
Yet also full of horrors.
People are such lovers
Yet they are such haters.

How you choose to see life is up to you.
And only you can see this view.

But even though what you choose to do, is choosen by you.
If effects so many others, so think before you do.


First Drawing- Veronica, Evil
 Doodles on Doodle
Second Drawing- Miss Peterson, Spy

Third Drawing- Lizzy, Alien

Fourth Drawing- Lilli, Ghost

Fifth Drawing- Coral, Rock star

Sixth Drawing- Jasmin, Normal Teenager

New Layout!

As you may of noticed by blog doesn't look like what It used to. Why? Because I have a new background ...

A background I edited (Yep that's right yours truly) You see lately I have had an obsession with edits, I have edited 12 pictures of different friends in less then a hour without being asked, one of those is my current profile picture, an edited picture of me.

For those of you who may be curious here is what my background looked like before and after I edited it.



Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Story ;]

"Suddenly my eyes are open, everything comes into focus ... ohh. Lights are shining on our faces, we are all Illuminated... ohh."

Lips opened and closed in a bare motion as I mined the song, closing my eyes and tilting my head as the slow lyrics and strummed guitar filled my world. The places Music could take you... they were better places then I had ever been. The lyrics stopped and so did my lips and I reluctantly opened my eyes, staring at the railway line. The scene was to busy to fit in with the slow guitar tune. But the train station was always busy, I should know, I took the train everyday. Complete strangers in a rush to get to work or other equally boring places or people simply popping into one of the many cafes along the line. The same faces came here every day yet every day, every person I saw was like a new person entirely. None looked familiar even though they should.

I bet I looked familiar though, the only teenager, a hooded seventeen year old shutting out the world with my headphones. People had reason to be cautious of me, I was the poster of a dangerous teen in my baggy cream hoodie and snug black school trousers, but really I was just hiding myself away. I could block out the world until my train arrived. It's nicer to be in your own little world then in the real one some times right? Well for me it was .. all the time.

"Swing me these sorrows, and try delusion for a while."

The ends of my golden brown hair swayed in the wind and without looking to the side I crammed my Ipod into my pocket and stepped up to the yellow line. Early sign of a train? The unnatural wind. With out a doubt it was a train, huge gushes of wind followed the gentle breeze as the train pulled into dock. These London trains were only for transport to and from the outskirts of the Capital city, all train funds went into maintaining the tube network meaning these trains were very old and faulty. There had been accidents, many accidents but school was to far to walk to. The train stopped with a screech that even my blocked off ears picked up and I couldn't help it. I flinched. The doors swung open and I stepped forward, much larger adults pushed forwards so I simply turned my self sideways and pushed through without contact.

Once making it into the carriage I slung my bag back onto my shoulders and picked the one empty seat in a block of four, it was a easy grab with who was sat there after all. The person I pulled up next to I couldn't see but the people across from me were both dressed in black leather. Most likely Bikers. Both men, one was about forty and slightly overweight with a bright red Mohawk where as the other was most likely late teens or early twenties, slim with a pretty face. It was a common sight in London and so I payed it no attention slipping next to the faceless man that I now discovered wreaked of B.O

It's only a ten minute journey Lilli, nothing else you can do about it. Staring out the window I watched as the trees passed in a slow blur that only got blurrier as we picked up speed. And then It went dark. Completely, the train jerked almost violently as we rattled thought the tunnel, the trains light failed to come on, instead just flickering hopelessly, giving us seconds of light at a time. With nothing to look at I turned back to my riding passengers. The Mohawk man was occupied on his phone but the teenager was staring at me. I shouldn't of let it get to me, he was sat facing me, many people looked ahead from where they were sat but the way he was looking at me made my spine freeze. I locked gazes with him but he didn't turn his head or blush like most people, in stead his gaze turned more serious and before I could look away the Train jerked incredibly hard.

My bag fell of sliding down the lane as I jerked off my seat into the lane also, Instincts kicked in and I threw my hands out to stop myself from colliding face first. I could of pushed myself back up but didn't have the chance to before terrible squeals filled the darkness. My music was blocked out completely and it wasn't until the flickering lights smashed ahead of me that I realized what was happening. The metal interior of the train was riding up to the ceiling and squishing together with the metal before riding right down, causing the seat to tilt to opposite sides. From my position I would be hit. Hard. I screamed as I pushed myself up, scrambling against the body of the complete stranger I was sat next to, he was limp, the jerking most likely caused him to hit his head. The windows of the train smashed and I screamed as his body rolled backwards falling out the window onto the tracks.

It wouldn't hurt falling from such a height but the train was still moving, fast as well. I straightened hitting my head against the top of the window, the glass cut my head and my back hit the wall of the tunnel we were in but I didn't fall out. I was hurt and bleeding but not dead. Across from me Mohawk man was lead under the table, also unconscious but the other leather coated man was standing straight, he made it look so effortless and the chaos didn't seem to change his expression at all. When I stared he wasn't looking at me but as if he felt my gaze he turned to look at me. I could only guess that his new expression was that he was surprised I was still conscious, or still in the train.

The graze of my back against the tunnel walls stung and I arched my back to get away, pulling myself out of the window and holding myself into the train. My back was bleeding badly. I could feel my warm blood falling down my skin. And the pain, I almost wished I was unconscious. As I pulled myself in the man grabbed my wrist pulling me towards him. I thought he was getting me out of harms way but when I was next to him instead of steading me he pulled back my head and bit me right were most of the blood from my head had trickled to. I gasped, I couldn't feel anymore pain, I was feeling to much already. I was shocked, so shocked that I blacked out. I hadn't though the scene could get any darker but it did, and as it did it got quieter to, and the pain and panic just... disappeared.

"We are all blinded."

Saturday, 28 May 2011


I have an absoulutly epicly amazing best friend! her name is Emily and I love her so much! She is so funny and pretty and I would turn lesbian for her if I wasn't already a lesbian!!

P.s. I don't know when you'll read this Nicole but if it's before I leave today please dont kill me, I want a chance to plan my funeral! ;) Love ya xx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Funny Moments

School is never boring with my friends but this week We have had some particularly funny moments so in no order what so ever I will write them to you.

1) On Tuesday, Well at my school we have a bald head teacher but then again doesn't everyone? SO whilst stood on the balcony and looking out at the courtyard, between the trees we spotted his shiny head and made a song! This is how it goes
Oldy, Baldy over there,
What's it like to have no hair?
Is it hot? Is it cold?
What's it like being bold?
No say this in a funny Russian accent. Because that's what we did :D ... in fact we saw the head teacher on the balcony today and started singing it fate we walked past him, thing was he followed us and heard the whole thing :D

2) Today in maths we were making a maths game for the year 6's that will be coming over soon and ours is based on twister. So my friend brought in a twister mat that we brought outside the classroom to see how big it was. My friend unfolded it and randomly I led down across it, of course then one of the maths teacher came out and saw me. It was awkward but what he said was funny. "do you want a pillow or something.?" when I replied "that would be nice." My friend wouldn't stop laughing which caught the attention of another teacher who saw me.... she then went on to talk about rolling small children up in mats and I must admit it was a rather fun conversation to have.

3) English, Library my best friends of both genders were working with me and multiple funny things happened, My male best friend said when I grow up I want to be James bond in a really funny voice when Emily asked me if I still wanted to be in the CSI... later in the lesson we had to find books and whilst me and Emily had gotten our books he hadn't and asked me to grab him one on editing (the lesson we have to do for English) So I nodded my head and said fruit got it and came back with a book on fire, I would say he got his revenge later at lunch but it backfired and I ended up knocking his lunchbox off the balcony. .... it survived!


4) Rounders, oh I love rounders they may of laughed at my funny shuffle that I did as she bowled the ball but in the end I got a rounder and I was happy. But to be honest I'm a lot better at the fielding part of rounder and am quite a legend on second base. If that ball is thrown to me you might as well throw your bat down and go sit down then and there as I can catch it and get them out in mere seconds. I even had enough time left to do a cool dance with the pole ... and sing with it. :)

5) Funny moment number 5 .... there isn't one worth posting on here but believe me there are more! :)

Hope you got some satisfaction out of my ramblings.... I was happy to sit here for twenty minutes and write them down :)

Claddagh Ring

Claddagh ... its a funny looking word isn't it? Clad-Da-Gh? how would you pronounce Gh? Gah? Guh? oh who cares the good thing is Claddagh rings are cool! and I found one! Last Saturday actually whilst metal detecting with my dad. It's only about 20 years old and worth little more then £30 but it's lovely and you can't take it off my finger :D ...

Seriously you can't, it's stuck!

But that's OK because it's a beautiful ring and I love it .... now who wants a picture? I knew you would :D
Isn't it lovely? this isn't mine but it is exactly the same as the one I have found.
*drools* .. oh yeah sorry. Claddagh rings actually represent a lot. The ring, shows two hands clutching a heart, complete with a crown, which represent the expression of lasting love and eternal friendship. The heart symbolizes love, the hands friendship and the crown loyalty and fidelity.

There is a romantic story involving the Claddagh Ring that began way back over 300 years ago in the ancient fishing village of Claddagh just outside the walls of the City of Galway on the west coast of Ireland.

Legend has it that a local man, Richard Joyce, was captured by pirates and sold into slavery, the property of a rich Turkish goldsmith. In time Joyce became a master craftsman himself and, after earning his freedom, returned to Galway. At his journey's end, Richard was overcome with joy when he learned that his beloved had remained true to him in his long absence, waiting faithfully for him to return. It was then that Richard gave his beloved the ring he created that is now known worldwide as the legendary Claddagh Ring. The heart in the design symbolizes the love Richard longed to share with his true love. The crown symbolizes his undying loyalty and the hands symbolize friendship, which is, after all, the very foundation of love, with loyalty holding the two hands together.

The rings were kept as family heirlooms, which were passed lovingly down from mother to daughter on her wedding day.

So yes the ring is actually really nice in what it represents. It is also Irish :D BONUS!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dragons and Jewelry

I'm going to admit it, lately I have had a really big obsession with dragons .... and I have found some really awesome dragon jewelry ... I have also found my old dragon picture... I'm not very happy with it so I'm going to draw another ... I will mention this later on in the post...

This is a lovely dragon earring that goes threw your ear and then around the top of your ear, I dont know if you can see it but the faded ear shows you this :)

It's so pretty! I want it! *day dreams*

I'm going to be drawing this! and will upload this picture again with my version soon :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Baby Sitting

It's Saturday night! ... but before you get any ideas no I'm not having a party or anything ... I'm baby sitting until who knows how many hours of the morning pass.

For some this may seem dull but for me its quite the opposite. I can't wait to get the house to myself! Half nine my brother and sister are off up to bed and the house is mine until 3am .. in that time I can drink what I want, eat what I want and do what I want!

So I'm going to do just that, when the time comes I'm going to grab a can of coke and a packet of crisps and sit down in the sitting room to play Dragon Age 2 on the Xbox 360 with the 62 inch TV and the surround sound ...


Friday, 15 April 2011



Heavan Above..

As requested by Kallista Pendragon...

Her hair was up in a ponytail,
Her favorite dress tied with a bow.
Today was daddy's day at school,
And she couldn't wait to go.

But her mommy tried to tell her,
That she probably should stay home.
Why the kids might not understand,
If she went to school alone.

But she was not afraid,
She knew just what to say,
What to tell her classmates,
Of why he wasn't there today.

But still her mother worried,
For her to face this day alone.
And that is why once again,
She tried to keep her daughter home.

But the little girl went to school,
Eager to tell them all,
About a dad she never sees,
A dad who never calls.

There were daddies along the wall, in the back for everyone to meet.
Children squirming impatiently,
Anxious in their seats.

One by one the teacher called,
A student from the class.
To introduce their daddy,
As seconds slowly passed.

At last the teacher called her name,
Every child turned to stare.
Each of them was searching for a man who wasn't there.

She went to the front of the class,
As she smiled up at her mom.
And looked back at her teacher,
who told her to go on.

And with hands behind her back,
She slowly began to speak.
And from out the mouth of a child,
came words incredibly unique.

"My daddy couldn't be here,
Because he lives so far away.
But I know he wishes he could be,
Since this is such a special day.
And though u cannot meet him,
I wanted you to know,
All about my daddy and how much he loves me so.

He loved to tell me stories,
He taught me to ride my bike,
He surprised me with pink roses,
And taught me to fly a kite.

We used to share fudge sundaes,
And ice cream in a cone,
And though you cannot see him,
I'm not standing here alone.

Cause my daddy is always with me,
Even though we are apart.
I know because he told me he'll forever be in my heart"

With that her little hand reached up,
And lay across her chest.
Feeling her own heart beat,
Beneath her favorite dress.

And from somewhere in the crowd of dads,
Her mother stood in tears,
Proudly watched her daughter,
Who was wise beyond her years.

She finished with a voice so soft,
But its message loud and clear,
"I love my daddy very much,
He's my shining star.
And if he could, he'd be here
..But heavens just too far."

Monday, 11 April 2011

My Village

On Saturday I was at my dads, and he lives in the village that I used to live in. Whilst I was at my dads we went for a walk to the cricket field and I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you guys some of the really nice wildlife so I took my Ipod with me and here are some of the pictures...


Ah Blossom trees, got to love them

A Close up on the blossoms, their so pretty ...

It's a weeping willow! The village has tonne in it but this is probably the biggest and its right next to the river :)

We have mostly normal houses and flats here but there are some really nice old cottages
One of the nicer houses in the village

Behind the trees here is a huge field and a small little bridge

Close up of the River

A Not so close up of the river ;)

The Graveyard in the middle of the woods, my granddad is in their somewhere...

Don't know if this is very clear but this is the swing in the woods that I found, that's not me in the picture that's my brother, there is one with me on the swing but you don't really want to see that

The Graveyard, again ..

Oh another picture of the river, I think this one is just before the little bridge

Don't let its cute looks deceive you, seconds after I took this picture this dog tried to KILL me
Back at the flat .... I like the flowers :3 ... wait whats that ..


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Nicolette Croga- Origins

This is just a short series of stories about how Nicolette Croga came to  be :)

The door opened with a quick twist of the key, just like it always did. Easily and without effort. Gently, I crooked the handle, opening the door and peering into the house. Bare dark scenery stared back at me, barely visible in the dim light. I guess it had been to much to hope that her parents would be home. I walked into the house fully, throwing my heavy rucksack carelessly at the wall, glad to have relieved my shoulders from its constant weight, before pressing the door back into place and pocketing my keys.

With my hands now unoccupied I shot her arm out against the wall and fumbled blindly with my hand for the light switch. I slipped my shoes off with my feet as I tried to find the switch and when I did the lights flickered into life, reflecting light off the wooden floor and changing the grey colour of the stairs carpet to a lush light brown. I was only thirteen years old but I seemed so much more mature then most thirteen year old children. I guess that was because I was always expected to be mature. I had never been allowed outside with other children, my parents would never be around as they constantly worked and they were to scared that their 'little girl' might be taken.

Like they would notice. I had been forced to mature quickly, multiple lessons ranging from cooking to physical activities like dance, climbing and Martial arts. Kids at school envied me. When I told them tales of my lessons they would swoon in admiration, wishing they could have the life of the little rich brunette in front of them. But all the little brunette wanted was their life. Sure I loved the skills I had been taught but all I really wanted was to have friends, I wished my parents would come home before I fell asleep and stay at the house before I woke. If it wasn't for the fact I would fall asleep on the sofa and wake up in my room I would of doubted I had any parents at all. To be completely honest I just wanted a family.

Stalking into the sitting room I smiled, the fire was already lit meaning the room was already warm. Normally I would have to start a fire by myself and wait a grueling long half hour for the room to enter non subzero temperatures. Walking over to the sofa, I flipped the switch for the TV and as I snuggled into the soft fabric the TV whirred to life. My hand moved to the coffee table subconsciously for the remote but instead my fingers wrapped themselves around paper. Frowning I turned my full attention to the object and brought it to my face. On the back of the paper was a name.

To Miss Nicole

I unfolded the crumbled paper and a smell of old pine washed over my senses, the note smelled old as if it had been written years ago but obviously it couldn't of been or I would of received it years ago, it must of been aged paper.

Nicolette if you are reading this then you are obviously at home, I don't know what time your opening this but if you head straight for the TV it shouldn't be long after 3. I just wanted to let you know that something has come up in mine and your fathers business and we wont be home for a few days, I have contacted your nan and she should be at the house before 7oclock, regards Amelie.

Regards? Her mother had written regards? This wasn't some business letter! I crumbled up the paper annoyed and tossed it effortlessly into the open fire, they could give me all these skills but they couldn't give me any love, they couldn't even write about it. Why did they even bother having me in the first place if they had planned all along to ignore me. I stared up at the TV completely turned off by the idea of watching the same continuous programs I usually did and instead used the remote to switch off the TV. After I set the remote back down and laid on my back, watching the fire as I up against the back of the sofa. The fire seemed so active and alive compared to everything else in the room which way grey and unmoving in contrast. It seemed sad to think that the fire was normally the only 'living' thing I ever really had contact with at home.

Time passed and I don't know how long I spelt curled up in a sulk, it could of been 1 minute or one day considering how entranced I had been. However even though my parents weren't here to break me out of the trance my nan was and to remind me of that a ring echoed from the door. I blinked rapidly before sitting up the right way and allowing my hair to fall over my face, to tired to really do anything about it.

I always day dreamed, and when ever I stopped I always felt so tired, as if I was stumbling through a blurry reality that shifted around me, well at least that's what it felt like as I moved from the sofa and headed to the door. The room seemed to ripple at the edges and the shadows around the door seemed to flicker up the walls, changing positions even though the object outside that was casting the shadow was unmoving.

I should really of checked for the door but at this late and in this state it never really crossed my mind. It was so unlike me, so against everything my parents and teachers had hammered into my head, but I did it anyway and as soon as I pushed the handle down to unlatch the door the shadows crushed in around me, holding me in place as I black figure stepped threw the door.

Suddenly I was wide awake as a cold blast of air whipped me in the face from outside, however the cold was the least of my problems right now as I was unable to move meaning I couldn't stop the dark figure in the door way from entering.

If I hadn't been frozen still by the shadows the fear would of frozen me anyway. The figure clearly wasn't my nan and all I wanted to do was run, every instinct in me screamed at me to run but I was physically unable to. I just didn't want them to come near me, didn't want them to touch me. So when they bent down to my eye level and looked at me straight in the eyes I looked away only to have my eyes smacked back into place as the figure clutched there icy hand around my cheek.

Their eyes skimming over my face as if they was searching for something, I don't know what they were looking for but a cruel smile across their hardened face confirmed they had found it. Before I could even cry out the shadows thrashed my body against the wall and I fell to the floor unconscious...