Thursday, 30 June 2011

Poem contest

My friend wrote this poem for the poetry contest going on at school, I love it but she wants some non bias views since I'm her best friend ... So here it is

Life is but a fickle thing,
That one can not describe.
A miracle that happens daily,
And continues to survive.

But amongst survival comes decisions.
Choices critical to our  lives.
Some cause joyful leaps of excitement
Others desperate torn cries.

Every day is a struggle.
The struggle to survive.

Life is given so easily.
And taken away without difficulty
Even the best can be corrupted
A heart of gold traded for evil beauty.

There's no one to blame but ourselves.
We all have wills and our own mind.
Yes sometimes they are twisted. 
And we act without looking behind.
To only stop and wish that time could rewind.

But life is full of wonders,
Yet also full of horrors.
People are such lovers
Yet they are such haters.

How you choose to see life is up to you.
And only you can see this view.

But even though what you choose to do, is choosen by you.
If effects so many others, so think before you do.


  1. EPICA poem Nicolette's friend!!!

    A very good twist of opposites, a winner for sure!


  2. BRAVO! Definately a winner! She is wise and gifted, your friend!
    I love it!
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Indeed. Most brilliant poem that.

    *hands Nicolette a giant cake*

    I noticed that you don't follow my blog.

    *puppy eyes*

    Please follow! Pwease!

    *shifty eyes*

    I'm not going round everyone's blog asking them to follow me...


  4. Epic work!

    An amazing poem, tell your friend that they write really well. And kudos to you for posting it :D

    Hey, the latest part of my fanfic is up on my blog, and it has you in it, and I don't know if you've even read the last couple of parts but...well, it's really cool ;) Please check it out!

  5. Nice!

    Im a Little late, but still, nice.

    I have a ne wpost on my blog.

    And do you know what happened ot me first thing in the morning?

    I got stung by a bloody wasp.

    And wierdly enough, it didn't hurt!