Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I'm going to warn you now that this is a long post but I really hope you will read it anyway. ^_^ ...So Guys, Considering fanfiction used to be a big part of blogger for us I thought you would enjoy this original story :)

A group of friends of mine have been coming up with the concepts for a very long time and one of my friends has finally finished the first draft. Yes Draft. Which means she would love any feedback she can get.

So if you could leave a comment on her deviant or in the comments below I could get back to her, since she would love the opinons of someone who is new to the whole story idea. It would only take 10-15 minutes and would be much appretiated. (She is German so grammer tweaks would be great to point out as well as critisms on the story itself... and no the Nicolette in this story is not based on me :P)

Here is the link- http://cellomynameis.deviantart.com/art/Dragon-s-Heir-Voices-from-the-Past-324942933


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Well, this is awkward


Not really sure what to say.

Hi? Sorry? How you doing?

Ok so I haven't been here for a while, I am more then aware of that, But I have missed you guys like crazy and have no idea where to find you! :O

See my dilema?

See I don't know all the details but I know nearly none of you are on xat anymore. Kallista did give a link to Chatzy but whenever I go there no ones on.... None of you seem to chat on the blogs anymore and I for one am one very confuzzled Nicole :P

So if you could tell me where you are all hiding it would be much appretiated :3

Friday, 10 February 2012

Half Term!

Yes finally half term is here! I know I haven't been on in ages but now finally I have a chance to come on and talk to you guys before all these controlled tasks and exams start up again! So basically ...

See you around guys!