Saturday, 16 April 2011

Baby Sitting

It's Saturday night! ... but before you get any ideas no I'm not having a party or anything ... I'm baby sitting until who knows how many hours of the morning pass.

For some this may seem dull but for me its quite the opposite. I can't wait to get the house to myself! Half nine my brother and sister are off up to bed and the house is mine until 3am .. in that time I can drink what I want, eat what I want and do what I want!

So I'm going to do just that, when the time comes I'm going to grab a can of coke and a packet of crisps and sit down in the sitting room to play Dragon Age 2 on the Xbox 360 with the 62 inch TV and the surround sound ...



    Sounds awesome to me Nicolette!

    Do you get paid?
    Are you sur eyou can't come on the blogs a little bit?

    *gives Nicolette puppy dog eyes*

  2. Nicolette. If you go, I understand. Just don't make it long or forever. Please. You mean so much to me as a friend. :D
    I also hope you drop a note saying how you are doing.
    How can I not worry about I friend I have not heard from?

    *hugs Nicolette*
    You are one awesome person! Yo umay not know this, but you really helped me through some tough times Nicolette. I will always be grateful for that.

  3. You're not really leaving? :-(

    We never heard how your mom is doing. Hope she's ok!