Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Story ;]

"Suddenly my eyes are open, everything comes into focus ... ohh. Lights are shining on our faces, we are all Illuminated... ohh."

Lips opened and closed in a bare motion as I mined the song, closing my eyes and tilting my head as the slow lyrics and strummed guitar filled my world. The places Music could take you... they were better places then I had ever been. The lyrics stopped and so did my lips and I reluctantly opened my eyes, staring at the railway line. The scene was to busy to fit in with the slow guitar tune. But the train station was always busy, I should know, I took the train everyday. Complete strangers in a rush to get to work or other equally boring places or people simply popping into one of the many cafes along the line. The same faces came here every day yet every day, every person I saw was like a new person entirely. None looked familiar even though they should.

I bet I looked familiar though, the only teenager, a hooded seventeen year old shutting out the world with my headphones. People had reason to be cautious of me, I was the poster of a dangerous teen in my baggy cream hoodie and snug black school trousers, but really I was just hiding myself away. I could block out the world until my train arrived. It's nicer to be in your own little world then in the real one some times right? Well for me it was .. all the time.

"Swing me these sorrows, and try delusion for a while."

The ends of my golden brown hair swayed in the wind and without looking to the side I crammed my Ipod into my pocket and stepped up to the yellow line. Early sign of a train? The unnatural wind. With out a doubt it was a train, huge gushes of wind followed the gentle breeze as the train pulled into dock. These London trains were only for transport to and from the outskirts of the Capital city, all train funds went into maintaining the tube network meaning these trains were very old and faulty. There had been accidents, many accidents but school was to far to walk to. The train stopped with a screech that even my blocked off ears picked up and I couldn't help it. I flinched. The doors swung open and I stepped forward, much larger adults pushed forwards so I simply turned my self sideways and pushed through without contact.

Once making it into the carriage I slung my bag back onto my shoulders and picked the one empty seat in a block of four, it was a easy grab with who was sat there after all. The person I pulled up next to I couldn't see but the people across from me were both dressed in black leather. Most likely Bikers. Both men, one was about forty and slightly overweight with a bright red Mohawk where as the other was most likely late teens or early twenties, slim with a pretty face. It was a common sight in London and so I payed it no attention slipping next to the faceless man that I now discovered wreaked of B.O

It's only a ten minute journey Lilli, nothing else you can do about it. Staring out the window I watched as the trees passed in a slow blur that only got blurrier as we picked up speed. And then It went dark. Completely, the train jerked almost violently as we rattled thought the tunnel, the trains light failed to come on, instead just flickering hopelessly, giving us seconds of light at a time. With nothing to look at I turned back to my riding passengers. The Mohawk man was occupied on his phone but the teenager was staring at me. I shouldn't of let it get to me, he was sat facing me, many people looked ahead from where they were sat but the way he was looking at me made my spine freeze. I locked gazes with him but he didn't turn his head or blush like most people, in stead his gaze turned more serious and before I could look away the Train jerked incredibly hard.

My bag fell of sliding down the lane as I jerked off my seat into the lane also, Instincts kicked in and I threw my hands out to stop myself from colliding face first. I could of pushed myself back up but didn't have the chance to before terrible squeals filled the darkness. My music was blocked out completely and it wasn't until the flickering lights smashed ahead of me that I realized what was happening. The metal interior of the train was riding up to the ceiling and squishing together with the metal before riding right down, causing the seat to tilt to opposite sides. From my position I would be hit. Hard. I screamed as I pushed myself up, scrambling against the body of the complete stranger I was sat next to, he was limp, the jerking most likely caused him to hit his head. The windows of the train smashed and I screamed as his body rolled backwards falling out the window onto the tracks.

It wouldn't hurt falling from such a height but the train was still moving, fast as well. I straightened hitting my head against the top of the window, the glass cut my head and my back hit the wall of the tunnel we were in but I didn't fall out. I was hurt and bleeding but not dead. Across from me Mohawk man was lead under the table, also unconscious but the other leather coated man was standing straight, he made it look so effortless and the chaos didn't seem to change his expression at all. When I stared he wasn't looking at me but as if he felt my gaze he turned to look at me. I could only guess that his new expression was that he was surprised I was still conscious, or still in the train.

The graze of my back against the tunnel walls stung and I arched my back to get away, pulling myself out of the window and holding myself into the train. My back was bleeding badly. I could feel my warm blood falling down my skin. And the pain, I almost wished I was unconscious. As I pulled myself in the man grabbed my wrist pulling me towards him. I thought he was getting me out of harms way but when I was next to him instead of steading me he pulled back my head and bit me right were most of the blood from my head had trickled to. I gasped, I couldn't feel anymore pain, I was feeling to much already. I was shocked, so shocked that I blacked out. I hadn't though the scene could get any darker but it did, and as it did it got quieter to, and the pain and panic just... disappeared.

"We are all blinded."


    more! More! MORE!!!!!!!
    OH MY GOSH! That was SO fricking BRILLIANT!
    I LOVE IT!
    *hugs Nicolette* Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! It's EXCELLENT!!!

  2. Ooooh! Vampires! Trains! Music! This is really brilliant!