Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bad Blood ~ Part One

Don't worry I do realise I haven't wrote anything in a while and yes I'm aware none of you asked for me to write anything I just assumed some of you would appreciate me writing something. So it is with my pleasure that I present to you my new series :D I have had the Plot for a while now and finally decided to use it. In this chapter Is Moi, Gepard, Venice and Kallista but it's only the opening and others will definitely be included later ;)


They cruised around the corner the bikes pedal millimetres away from the ground along with Nicolette's knee. The trip into the country side was a short one which was why Nicolette had only bothered to put on sunglasses to shield her eyes instead of a full on helmet.

Venice and Gepard had wanted to meet with her in a remote park today, they had said it was important, so naturally Nicolette had left five minutes late. Every job the sanctuary ever gave her and her group of friends was apparently important but truth was it was a job that had next to no risk to it. They just didn't want to risk loosing the cleavers they had left.

Coming up straight from the corner Nicolette reved up the speed again every second getting considerably closer to where she needed to be. As she slowed to turn round one of the last corners she saw something move in the corner of her eye. She ignored it, concentrating on the turn but as soon as the motor bike leaned to the left something jumped from the side of the road.

The bike crashed to the ground and Nicolette and the mysterious figure went tumbling. Nicolette screamed in surprise as they tumbled down the side of the bank. Searing pain spread up her back as her back scraped across the ground at high speed but she pressed it aside trying to get the sunglasses off so she could she properly. All she could see was a tangle of black hair, possible dark brown that appeared black threw her shades.

"Get off me!" Nicolette screamed swinging up her knee. The knee struck its target and the figure reeled off her tumbling along side her. Just when Nicolette thought the ground was about to level off they tumbled up a slope into thin air. They tumbled threw nothing Nicolette staring down at what they were about to hit. Water.

Nicolette's arms cradled around herself just as she broke the water sinking deep below the surface. In all the confusion she hadn't taken a deep breath and she needed air as soon as she went under. Opening her eyes to the stinging water she pushed her hair away and kicked up towards the surface of the water. She had completely forgotten about her attacker until they grabbed her foot pulling her back down. She went to kick but her actions were slowed in the water. If only she was an elemental.

Instead the supposed woman from the glimpse of long black hair she had caught dodged her foot and circled around her identity masked by her long black hair. Her glasses had long since fallen off but with both of there hair soaked whether or not she had black or brown hair was still a mystery.  Nothing happened for a while and then all of a sudden her arm went around Nicolette's neck and started choking. Nicolette tried to kick as she automatically gagged. The sudden intake of water send bubble of air scrambling from her mouth causing her to choke even more.

The pain from her injuries started to fade away and Nicolette's eyes fluttered. She hadn't been choking long but it felt like forever. The arm let go and the figure retreated up to the surface for air. Nicolette wanted to swim up to. She needed to but she was to weak and so she let her eyes close as she sank.


Gepard lent back against the bench looking at Venice as she rested against the back of a tree. Nicolette had agreed to be on time but as usual she was late. Very late. "Gepard remind me again how late she is." Without even having to look at his watch he just sighed and said "About forty minutes late now." Venice groaned pushing off the tree that's it I don't want to wait any longer, waiting five to ten minutes for her normally is ok but this is stupid."

Gepard straightened his head and stood from the bench. "I guess she had something better to do." He said as Venice walked up beside him. "Well she should of called, now were forty minutes late meeting the council and they won't be happy." Venice walked ahead towards the black car in the distance they had used to get here. He frowned to himself before starting to jog to reach up with Venice.


Venice had gotten there first and so she was the one driving them to the sanctuary but the fact they were already late didn't make her a very good driver. She drove over double the speed limits cutting around corners just so they didn't fall off the steep hills around the roads. They were about halfway to the motor way when Venice had to slow the car and when it came to a stop she cursed.

"Some idiots had an accident at the corner." She groaned slamming her head down on the steering wheel. Gepard grinned at her as she repeatedly hit her head against the wheel before undoing his seat belt. Venice looked up. "What are you doing?"

"Asking if they could possible give us a way around these country roads will keep us driving until nightfall if we have to go around and by that time we'll get fired." Venice nodded making no move to get out of the car. Gepard left slamming the door and walking up the the police tape. It was a motorbike accident and by the looks of the mangled body they had been going fast. There was only a little blood though which meant the poor sod had probably fell off the hill.

Police looked up as Gepard ducked under the tape. "You can't come in here!" They shouted
Gepard looked around. " I can't? How did I get in then? Ah never mind I have always been an over achiever."

The police narrowed there eyes and Gepard grinned at them. This is the scene of an accident you have to leave sir. "pfft sir is so fancy, just call me Gepard."
"Sir if you don't go now we will have to force you."
"No need." Gepard said raising his hands mockingly "Me and my friend were just looking for a way around."
"I'm sorry but we can't open the way until the area has been investigated you'll have to go back."

Gepard creased his eyebrows in annoyance. "It's a motor bike it's not that big jeez look at it you don't need to take up the whole road sealing it off." Gepard looked at the motor bike as he pointed to it. It was to mangled to much but the number plate was readable. P3NG01N Gepard eyes widened.

"Never mind." He shouted ducking under the tape and opening Venice's door. It's Nicolette bike. Venice stared out the widow before reversing. "I'll meet you around the corner." Gepard jogged after the car as it spun around the corner out of sight of the cops. By the time he reached it Venice was staring down at the lake below.

"we'll have to get down there." She said looking up "Care to give us a slow down?" Gepard joined her by the railing on the count of three?" She nodded. "Three, Two, One" They leaped over the barrier tumbling towards the small bank and just when Venice thought Gepard had forgot they slowed down completely touching the ground incredibly gently. The bank was mainly sand which is why the muddy streaks up ahead were very out of place. "Someone got out of the water recently." Venice stated quite proud at her detective skills.

"Don't you think she would of contacted us?"
"So Your saying she was attacked."
"Well that's what I think, if it turns out to be true I'll be very impressed."

Gepard rolled his eyes and bent down to touch the water. He read it carefully checking the surface of the lake before reading deeper and deeper. "There is something to heavy to be a rock at the bed of the lake." He said thinking it could be a bit of the bikes debris. "Can you bring it up." Venice asked looking at him. "Of course I can I'm amazing." Venice jabbed her elbow into his ribs and he smiled as he lifted whatever it was with the water.

A while passed and then multiple small columns of water came out of the water carrying the body of a girl, soaked hair plastered to her face. "Oh my God." Venice said. "Quick get her out." Gepard blinked before bringing the water towards the bank and lowered them. It was definitely Nicolette. And if the fact she had been about thirty minutes late if you removed her usual tardiness suggested she had been there a while. Venice removed her mobile from her jacket. "Kallista are you at the sanctuary." The muffled voice of Kallista came across the phones speaker. "Good get the sanctuary doctor were at the lake." The mention of a lake was hint enough for Kallista and Venice cut off the phone almost immediately.


Crouched up on the steep hills was a girl dressed in damp clothes, her hair had dried even though it was still the same raven black it had been in the water. She watched the two from the bank and thought about ending their lives there but instead watched them. It had been way to easy taking her life, No doubt they had called the sanctuary doctor and if the girl thought correctly that meant she still stood a chance of being revived.

Her lips twisted into a smile, She had over estimated her, she would allow them to revive her and then when she got back to her full strength she wouldn't tackle her by surprise she was take her on one on one fairly. Maybe then she would get the satisfaction she wanted.

And with that she stood climbing very little before leaping over the barrier. "Police! Remain still!" The girl with the black hair turned to face the police. "What were you doing down there?." The girls eyes glistened "You don't need to know what I was doing." She said stroking his arm causing him to freeze. "What you do need to know is what I want you to do." The polices eyes widened as she removed her hand from his arm. "What do you need of me." He said, his voice fairly monotoned. "I need you to destroy all report you have made of this crash destroy all evidence it ever happened and then what I want you to do is take you little gun from you pocket and shoot yourself in the head."

The man said nothing but instead removed all recordings from his pocket and smashed them to pieces with his foot. He then turned to the remains of the bike picked it up and threw it over the rails. Once he took down the police tape and placed it in his car the woman saw him reach for his gun. Satisfied he would do as told without further pushing she grinned slyly and turned away walking into the pushes were she had kept her bike. The gun shot went off just as she slided herself onto the seat.


BOM BOM BOM! Cool Evil chick :D Every story needs a good villain .. and a dramatic start to kick things off with :P Don't worry next part should be up in the next few days :)


  1. Awesome! But it'd be better without the gaps between the sentences... I can't stand them XD

  2. Amazing!

    Well the gap thing is each to one's own personal preference.

    I prefer the gaps as it breaks up the text so it isn't one big chunk of text. It allows me to know where I am by finding the paragraph.

    Granted they don't do the same in books. I don't really mind I guess.

    Love this story! EPICA!

  3. OMG Nic that was EPIC
    I love it
    Can't wait to read more!!