Monday, 11 April 2011

My Village

On Saturday I was at my dads, and he lives in the village that I used to live in. Whilst I was at my dads we went for a walk to the cricket field and I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you guys some of the really nice wildlife so I took my Ipod with me and here are some of the pictures...


Ah Blossom trees, got to love them

A Close up on the blossoms, their so pretty ...

It's a weeping willow! The village has tonne in it but this is probably the biggest and its right next to the river :)

We have mostly normal houses and flats here but there are some really nice old cottages
One of the nicer houses in the village

Behind the trees here is a huge field and a small little bridge

Close up of the River

A Not so close up of the river ;)

The Graveyard in the middle of the woods, my granddad is in their somewhere...

Don't know if this is very clear but this is the swing in the woods that I found, that's not me in the picture that's my brother, there is one with me on the swing but you don't really want to see that

The Graveyard, again ..

Oh another picture of the river, I think this one is just before the little bridge

Don't let its cute looks deceive you, seconds after I took this picture this dog tried to KILL me
Back at the flat .... I like the flowers :3 ... wait whats that ..



  1. LOL NIcolwette! Funny last pic!

    Wait...WHAT!?!?!? A dog tried to KILL you? :O Dang girl! I'm glad you are ok!
    And the pics of your villiage.....OI!!!! How am I going to survive if I can not visit there! I just love places of beauty!
    *sighs a bittersweet sigh*
    Wonderful photos of a beautiful place. I love the history I was able to see. It would be intersting to find out how old the oldest gravestone is.
    Living in the north as I do in the states, we don't have the old and ancient history as somedo. BUt, there is this wonderful big tree that has been preserved downtown. It was marked by the Indians to mark thier trail as they walked along a path from where I live to Mackinaw Island.
    Thanks for posting these aweome pics Nicolette. I find myself inspired by them!

  2. Awesome pictures!

    A dog tried to KILL you? Why? BAD DOGGY!

    Your blog has been Octafied!