Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Part one of a Story with no Plot of Plan, but a Story non the less...

It wasn't often Nicolette was told what to do, mainly because whenever she was told to do something she went out of her way to do the opposite. Today however she had planned to behave.


But old habits die hard and without realising she had broken the one rule she had been given. "Don't draw attention to yourself." Yet somehow she had still managed to draw out a crowd of angry neighbours to the front of her apartment. How? She had no idea but she was determined to make them go away without confrontation. She didn't think she could take that many people with just her martial art skills.

Unless half of them were old. Sticking a head out a second story window she glanced at the complaining crowd and popped her head back in just as they started throwing stones. No old people. Drat!

So completely oblivious she ran around the house. Up and down stairs, straightening paintings that had fallen crooked, turning off the unneeded lights and checking each room  for any bad smells but nothing was wrong. So ducking by the window she listened out hoping to hear what their problem was.

Just then however a great crash came from down the hall  and Nicolette jumped out of her skin before she could hear anything. Frowning she quickly crawled away from the window and then stood, to avoid the eyes of the mob and walked towards the bathroom. Where she opened the door to see the plants knocked off her windowsill and a rather flushed looking Kallista stuck in the toilet (no pun intended) and a smug Dragona looking down at her.

"You could of used the door." I said leaning against the bathrooms own door.
"The one Surrounded by a mob? No thanks" Dragona commented looking straight at Nicolette as Kallista finally managed to unwedge herself from the toilet bowl.
"Besides doors are for people with no imagination." Kallista added with a smile
"Windows are for people with more grace then that Kall." Dragona added
"Hey I have grace! Besides what else was I meant to come in through?."

"The Chimney?" I added breaking the silence.
"Naa, that's reserved for Santa Claus." Kallista said pondering any other ways to get into the house.
"Well your here now and unless you planned on using the bathroom I have a perfectly good sitting room..."
"Actually we came here to tell you to turn the music off."

Music? What music? Listening sharply I finally remembered the pounding music coming from my bedroom, I gotten used to it but it seemed the neighbours hadn't. "Oh shoot!" I said scrambling down the hall straight into my room and switching the stereo off at the wall. Glancing out the window I saw the people turn their heads and mutter before walking out my gate.

" Oh ... that's why I had that angry mob." Nicolette had never been faced with a mortal mob before, the fact they weren't trying to kill her was confusing enough but she also had no idea what they wanted.

Dragona sighed behind her. "Nicolette, I know your not one for rules for you promised to try and follow this one."
Nicolette spun round, mouth wide and confusment on her face. "I swear I didn't mean to draw attention." She  stuttered "It's just I finally had a day off so I wanted to enjoy myself so I thought music would be nice and-" It was then she realised she was babbling and nervously scratched her neck.

"Anyway it's not like they were mages, I thought you meant don't draw the attention of mages."
"You drew our attention and we didn't even realise this was your place until we checked the address." Dragona reasoned and Nicolette could only half open her mouth before frowning.

"Don't be we knew it would happen."
"Wha-." Nicolette stood there still as a painting before she started talking so fast she couldn't be understood and so tried to explain with hand gestures. The whole picture looked almost like she was having a fit, the only problem was she was stood upright."

Kallista giggled beside Dragona who looked at her with the same smug expression he had given Kallista earlier.

"Not yet." Nicolette said before taking another gasp of air and continuing."

A minute later she stopped with a sigh.
"That was quicker then last time." Dragona commented
"I have been practising."

Kallista smiled at her friend before coming to stand next to her. "Silly Nicolette, how could you not expect us to suspect you'd get yourself in trouble when you always do?"

She stayed silent so Kallista gave her a quick noogie. "We were all going to spend our day off going out for lunch together since most of you are never in the mood whilst working.

"Being covered in blood puts me off food." Dragona argued
"And I really don't like the idea doing dishes for killing some evil dude in someones restaurant." Nicolette added.

Dragona raised both his eyebrows and was probably going to add how we would most likely run instead of do dishes if it came to that but decided correcting her wasn't worth the effort.
"I don't like doing dishes either Nic." Kallista said putting an arm around the young girls waist and leading her to the window.

"Wait Kallista can't we use the d-." before she could finish Kallista pushed her out the second story window and Nicolette squealed before quickly drawing energy from the air and using it to shield her fall. Just as she hit the ground unharmed she let the barrier down in time for Kallista to land right on top of her.
"oft, why not use your magic Kall?" Nicolette questioned as she rolled over winded but Kallista just grinned." I wanted to show Dragona I do have grace." she said before skipping down the path to the gate.

Nicolette lay there to lazy to get up as Dragona dropped down from the window and followed Kallista to the gate. "you coming?"
"I will when I start breathing, I don't think you can eat if your dead." She breathed before standing and letting in deep breaths.
"RACE YOU" Kallista shouted as she started the engine on her motorbike and set off at high speed down the calm village road.
Suddenly breathing was the least of Nicolette's worries and she raced past Dragona onto her own motorcycle, a blue Kawasaki Ninga and set off down the road after her friend.

Behind them Dragona chuckled quietly pulling out the keys to his Porsche 911 GT3 RS. His prized possession. With the optional supercharger this car could easily reach over 200MPH and Dragona was confident that even with the girls head start he could take them.

... 5 minutes down the road...

Nicolette had only just caught up. Kallista was right in front of her that if she wanted to Nicolette could reach out and pat her on the back but at this speed that wasn't to wise. Twisting to the right Nicolette pulled down hard on the throttle and whizzed to the side of Kallista's bike. Kallista's helmeted face glanced at her but the visor wasn't showing anything.

What was obvious was that Kallista was out to win. She also pulled down on the throttle but it was no use, at the two girls sped round the corner it was obvious they couldn't get any faster ... they had both reached their top speeds. Now it was all about the cornering. Racing round the Corner Kallista went wide, trying to cut into the other corner but unfortunately had to slow as Nicolette cut in threw the inside. as they exited the bend Kallista cursed at allowing Nicolette to take the lead. Yet as she was about to slip up beside her a white and red blur came up from behind. Going straight past both of the girls and overtaking ahead of them.

"What the-?" She heard Nicolette shout from her visor. "Whats white and red and capable of going over 200 miles an hour? She shouted to Kallista.
"Santa?" How else is he meant to deliver all the presents in one night if he cant go over 200 miles an hour."

If she could Nicolette would of gladly slapped Kallista right then if it wouldn't of flipped them to the road side. "You talk as if he's real." She added.
"He is!" Kallista argued and threw the other girls visor she could see Nicolette's eyebrows ridge.
"Um Kall Santa's your parents."

She was silent for a while after that and Nicolette suddenly regretted saying it, she hadn't actually thought Kallista was being serious. "Explains why I haven't been getting presents, I thought it was because I killed my goldfish."

Nicolette smiled in her visor before hitting the throttle, planning to overtake the white and red Porsche ahead of them.


  1. LOL this is hilarious!

    Who cares if there's no plot? I love it anyway!

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