Saturday, 28 May 2011


I have an absoulutly epicly amazing best friend! her name is Emily and I love her so much! She is so funny and pretty and I would turn lesbian for her if I wasn't already a lesbian!!

P.s. I don't know when you'll read this Nicole but if it's before I leave today please dont kill me, I want a chance to plan my funeral! ;) Love ya xx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Funny Moments

School is never boring with my friends but this week We have had some particularly funny moments so in no order what so ever I will write them to you.

1) On Tuesday, Well at my school we have a bald head teacher but then again doesn't everyone? SO whilst stood on the balcony and looking out at the courtyard, between the trees we spotted his shiny head and made a song! This is how it goes
Oldy, Baldy over there,
What's it like to have no hair?
Is it hot? Is it cold?
What's it like being bold?
No say this in a funny Russian accent. Because that's what we did :D ... in fact we saw the head teacher on the balcony today and started singing it fate we walked past him, thing was he followed us and heard the whole thing :D

2) Today in maths we were making a maths game for the year 6's that will be coming over soon and ours is based on twister. So my friend brought in a twister mat that we brought outside the classroom to see how big it was. My friend unfolded it and randomly I led down across it, of course then one of the maths teacher came out and saw me. It was awkward but what he said was funny. "do you want a pillow or something.?" when I replied "that would be nice." My friend wouldn't stop laughing which caught the attention of another teacher who saw me.... she then went on to talk about rolling small children up in mats and I must admit it was a rather fun conversation to have.

3) English, Library my best friends of both genders were working with me and multiple funny things happened, My male best friend said when I grow up I want to be James bond in a really funny voice when Emily asked me if I still wanted to be in the CSI... later in the lesson we had to find books and whilst me and Emily had gotten our books he hadn't and asked me to grab him one on editing (the lesson we have to do for English) So I nodded my head and said fruit got it and came back with a book on fire, I would say he got his revenge later at lunch but it backfired and I ended up knocking his lunchbox off the balcony. .... it survived!


4) Rounders, oh I love rounders they may of laughed at my funny shuffle that I did as she bowled the ball but in the end I got a rounder and I was happy. But to be honest I'm a lot better at the fielding part of rounder and am quite a legend on second base. If that ball is thrown to me you might as well throw your bat down and go sit down then and there as I can catch it and get them out in mere seconds. I even had enough time left to do a cool dance with the pole ... and sing with it. :)

5) Funny moment number 5 .... there isn't one worth posting on here but believe me there are more! :)

Hope you got some satisfaction out of my ramblings.... I was happy to sit here for twenty minutes and write them down :)

Claddagh Ring

Claddagh ... its a funny looking word isn't it? Clad-Da-Gh? how would you pronounce Gh? Gah? Guh? oh who cares the good thing is Claddagh rings are cool! and I found one! Last Saturday actually whilst metal detecting with my dad. It's only about 20 years old and worth little more then £30 but it's lovely and you can't take it off my finger :D ...

Seriously you can't, it's stuck!

But that's OK because it's a beautiful ring and I love it .... now who wants a picture? I knew you would :D
Isn't it lovely? this isn't mine but it is exactly the same as the one I have found.
*drools* .. oh yeah sorry. Claddagh rings actually represent a lot. The ring, shows two hands clutching a heart, complete with a crown, which represent the expression of lasting love and eternal friendship. The heart symbolizes love, the hands friendship and the crown loyalty and fidelity.

There is a romantic story involving the Claddagh Ring that began way back over 300 years ago in the ancient fishing village of Claddagh just outside the walls of the City of Galway on the west coast of Ireland.

Legend has it that a local man, Richard Joyce, was captured by pirates and sold into slavery, the property of a rich Turkish goldsmith. In time Joyce became a master craftsman himself and, after earning his freedom, returned to Galway. At his journey's end, Richard was overcome with joy when he learned that his beloved had remained true to him in his long absence, waiting faithfully for him to return. It was then that Richard gave his beloved the ring he created that is now known worldwide as the legendary Claddagh Ring. The heart in the design symbolizes the love Richard longed to share with his true love. The crown symbolizes his undying loyalty and the hands symbolize friendship, which is, after all, the very foundation of love, with loyalty holding the two hands together.

The rings were kept as family heirlooms, which were passed lovingly down from mother to daughter on her wedding day.

So yes the ring is actually really nice in what it represents. It is also Irish :D BONUS!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dragons and Jewelry

I'm going to admit it, lately I have had a really big obsession with dragons .... and I have found some really awesome dragon jewelry ... I have also found my old dragon picture... I'm not very happy with it so I'm going to draw another ... I will mention this later on in the post...

This is a lovely dragon earring that goes threw your ear and then around the top of your ear, I dont know if you can see it but the faded ear shows you this :)

It's so pretty! I want it! *day dreams*

I'm going to be drawing this! and will upload this picture again with my version soon :)