Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The world of Nicolette Croga -2)

The wind whipped my pony tail around furiously as I bounded from building to building. My exposed legs and left shoulder formed goose bumps against the cold but I ignored it hoping to get to Kallista's before being noticed by anyone.

Up ahead I saw the distant jump between the houses and flats. Just beyond the flats was the house Kallista had momentarily been staying in, she had a beautiful house in the country but when we were given jobs we didn't have the luxury of time and staying in the city saved loads of time.

This jump was the most difficult of them all. I had to leap from a 2 story building and land on top of a 10 story, even with my biotics it would still be close.

approaching the jump I broke free from my jog into a run and jumped threw the air. Time slowed down as my first foot flung forward into the thin air and I shot a huge wave of energy at an angle into the building behind me to propel me forward.

The angle was spot on but the force wasn't quite enough. around 3 meters away I found my self at the top lever and falling. I quickly threw a dagger into the building and outstretching my arm grabbed onto it. My body lurched downwards and the cut in my arm was threatening to pull apart so I quickly pulled myself up onto the tiny dagger then onto the roof.

I collected the dagger before turning and smiling. Going up was hard, going down was as fun as hell.

I spirited, the smile on my face growing as I neared the edge. I lept forward using the blue energy to slow my fall as well as propelling me forward. "WOOO!" I shouted.

people below turned there heads up to try and find the source of the noise but by the time they did I was already out of their sight. I tucked and rolled on a roof and stayed there crouched. I stared looking forward for Kallista's house. I peered back thinking I may have passed it but didn't see it. I went over to the ledge and peered over realizing I had landed on her house.

I hung off the edge and dropped to the windowsill before dropping completely. My legs stung furiously but when I  stood they obeyed with little protest and I made my way to the door. before i could knock the door opened by what an ordinary person would of said was by magic, but Kallista was a skilled elemental and 10 different types of crazy in a sword fight so it wasn't hard for me to realize she had opened the door.

Just not with her hands, sort of. I strolled into the house and closed the door behind me. I saw the coat hanger and went to shrug off my coat before realizing I wasn't wearing one. Thankful no one was around I walked into the sitting room to see Kallista sat on her sofa sharpening her swords. Dragona and Sarthacus could be seen in the kitchen and Bridget was in the corner of the room practicing her whip on some of Kallista's cheaper looking ornaments.

However just because they were easily replaceable didn't mean Kallista didn't wince slightly every time one smashed. I crossed my arms and leaned backwards staring at Kallista who had acknowledged my presence by looking up and smiling.

"What gave me away, the noise I made when I hit the roof of the fact your freakishly good at guessing." Kallista smiled and stood leaving her swords on the sofa behind her. Bridger turned at my voice and smiled before going back to destroying Kallista's ornaments. I glanced back to the kitchen at Dragona and Sarthacus who looked over and nodded before returning to there talk. Seeing those too talking over tea and coffee just seemed so wrong.

"neither" Came Kallista's reply "Israel ratted you out." I peered round the room looking for Israel and seeing no one. Before I could ask where he was Kallista motioned to the garden.

"He's out in the garden, hes says he can see more when its quiet and Bridget's destruction of my ornaments is..." Kallista trailed off as Bridget smashed another ornament. "noisy." She finished before looking up and un crossing her arms. Bridget glanced back grinning. She turned back to what she was doing but realising she had run out of ornaments she sagged slightly and peered into the back garden.

Kallista motioned me over to the couch but I declined. "No thanks, I think I'll watch the boys being civilized, it might never happen again." Kallista shrugged slightly before smiling and mumbling a fine.

As I entered the kitchen I heard Bridget open the back door and go out muttering something about how the tree would make a loud noise if she hit it. I laughed in shocked surprise and sat on the counter watching the boys.

They stared at me as i sat and watched them, head resting on my hands. When I realized they were doing nothing I raised my head and waved a hand "Don't mind me just continue with your urr thing."

Dragona lifted an eyebrow and Sarthacus smiled but when I realized they wouldn't talk with me in the room I sighed and dropped off the side.

"fine then I'll go in the sitting room, It's not like I can't eves drop, I am a ninja after all."

"Nicolette you'll never be a ninja." Dragona replied with amusement in his voice. I turned to him as I left, "Your right, I'm better then a ninja"
"If your such a ninja then how come your name is up with our on the most wanted list in the police stations and news channels?" Dragona asked

"Don't forget crime watch." Sarthacus interrupted. "were on crime watch?" Dragona asked bemused. "yeah" Sarthacus replied "The drawings were way off but they got some of their facts right."

I left the kitchen as Dragona and Sarthacus started a conversation and jumped over and onto the sofa. "So, Kallista what's the plan for today."

I turned to see kallista looking at me, "We can't even go out in public after last night Nicolette everyone knows roughly what our faces look like by now, we need to lay low for a few days."

I nodded at Kallista's logic. "I see."

We walk through the streets, the path barley lit with shadows creeping onto it at the corners. Dragona and Sarthacus laugh from behind as Lizzy strolls on ahead. I stick in the middle with Kallista and Israel. Our conversations are quieter then a whisper and Lizzy and Israel stay silent.

"Ambush!" Israel shouts as we round the corner. I arm myself realizing we may not be being attacked right now but soon would be. All of a sudden half a dozen vampires strike from the shadows. We work well in a team, like a well oiled machine. The small numbers of vampire are no match for us and they know it.

Behind me heat flares up my back alerting me to a few elemental attackers. the elementals gently get us fighting apart allowing the incoming vampires to over whelm us. "we have to split up and loose them!" shouts Israel "over wise they'll over whelm us."

"could of figure that one out by myself." Dragona retorted fighting his way to the edge. Sarthacus and Dragona run drawing the majority of vampires with them. They nod and run in different directions at the end of the alley. They quickly propel themselves up and the vampire bound after them following them. I turn to see Lizzy whip an elemental unconscious before jumping over his limp body and up onto the roof.

I slam 1 vampire into the wall knocing unconscious before stabbing one about to bite me. I catch Israel and Kallista exchange a nod and at the same time we break up.

An explosion propels me forward, one of the elementals blown a car engine tank up. The mortals are alerted in the street and calls and yells are shouted just waking even more. In the distance after only 3 minutes of running blue and red lights flash and a screaching alarm comes within hearing distance.

I shake the memory from my head staring back at Kallista who looking at me oddly. "So we wait." I asked even though it came out as more of a statment.

"Pretty much" she admitted "But you know me Nicolette" Kallista began her smile growing "waiting with me is never boring."


  1. EPICA NICOLETTE! Like the bit with the ninja :P

  2. WOW! Fantasitic writing Nicolette! I love the way you write things from your oc's eyes. Very clever and exciting! Can't wait for more! :)

  3. YAY! you upadated! :P

    hurry up and update again! :)