Thursday, 20 January 2011

OC- Nicolette Croga

Name: Nicolette Croga

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Medium brown with copper red and Blondie highlights

Eye Colour: Hazel

Appearance : Medium height, Thin and Pretty, She has tattoos of falling feathers on her back.

Personality: She is Funny, Kind, Forgiving and smart but get on the wrong side of her and she can be unforgiving.

Magical Skill: Biotic (can conjure up an energy blue in appearance that can throw levitate disarm and knock enemy's over. Can also be used to create shields and exhilarate healing.

Physical Skill: Daggers, She can hit opponents from far distances with incredible accuracy and Never misses her target.

Other Skills: She is a great gymnast and used to have a black belt in Jui-Jit-Zu. These skills have left her as a stealthy and fast individual who can stay silent when needed to. She can handle most guns but prefers Physical combat.

History: Nicolette learnt about the world of magic when she was 10 and studied elemental magic for 3 months. She then switched to necromancy and finding this easier continued studying it. When Nicolette was 12 she was attacked by a local necromancer looking for gas, money and food. He killed her parents but Nicolette  escaped as he didn't know she was magical and underestimated her. Nicolette found a elemental teacher and gave up necromancy because of the events with her parents. At the age of 22 Nicolette tracked down her parents killer and killed him. For 6 years Nicolette has freelanced going from Private jobs to Sanctuary work. In the mortal world Nicolette is listed as Missing.

Weapon: Dagger

Car: Koenigsegg CCXR

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