Thursday, 20 January 2011

Books, Books and Oh look more books! God where are they coming from?

Heya everyone! Sorry I wasn't on tonight but I have a lot of reading to do!

Turns out if you switch the lids on the money pots your sister will never know the difference!

So today I brought two new books from the book fair.

Shiver and Linger

Normally I go for vampire books but these books are all about werewolves.... it's like the werewolf version of Twilight just not as soppy and stupid.

Trust me I'm half way though the first book 'Shiver' and it is awesome!


 Also as if that wasn't enough my mums friend had just brought a new vampire series and had now lent me the first book!

She is the same person who lent me the morganville vampires books...

 The book is called Marked and looks so awesome! When I have read these book I'll tell you all about them! accept Morganville because just like Skulduggery it is to epic to describe in words

First of 9 Morganville vampire books in a planned 12 book series

Plus I still haven't finished the other books I was reading
'The Last Vampire'

So yeah loads of books and no where near as much time to read them :)


  1. I've read Marked!

    It's pretty cool.

  2. I've read The Last Vampire volumes 1 + 2.

    I didn't really like them.

    I read a bit of Marked in my town library and it seems okay.

    Never heard of Morganville though..

  3. The last vampire werent my favourite books in the world but my mum brought them for me so I kinda needed to read them.. They were bearable

    As for Morganville I love those books! Their American though so that's why you have most likely never heard of them, as for marked I still haven't read it :S