Thursday, 20 January 2011

The world of Nicolette Croga - 1)

Beep, Beep, Beep.

I grumbled under my breath before flailing out a arm towards the direction of the noise. My hand patted around the smooth surface of my side table, momentarily colliding with bits of broken glass that when pressed against my skin gently and painlessly re-open the previous cuts causing blood to tickle out of my hand slightly.

Giving up I roll over and stare up at the ceiling. The smashed window let in way to much light for my liking and the now tattered curtains did little to stop that. I could feel the warmth across the side of my face were the sunlight infiltrated the room and I closed my eyes slightly in satisfaction.

I would of drifted back to sleep if the alarm clock hadn't paraded on beeping away in a desperate attempt to wake me. Of all the things to be broken it stayed in tact. I turned my head at squinting my eyes against the sun pressed the button on top of the alarm clock.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes before slipping sideways out of bed and allowing the glass to cut at my feet. I walked over to the mirror and moaned before heading to the bathroom. In my head I made a small checklist.

. Wash my face
. Sort out my hair
. Sort out my cuts
. Throw alarm out of the window and laugh if it hits someone

Yeah that seemed like a fun morning. I splashed my face with a bit of cold water and my eyes stung open to their full size revealing they were hazel not brown. I straightened my eyelashes with the water and rubbed the water down into my cheeks.

I pulled out the Chinese hair piece from my hair and set it down on the side. It stood 10cm tall and was in braided with a swirling gold and blue pattern. I grabbed the hair brush and used the brush to re-collect the stray blond, red and brown strands of hair that had come loose in my sleep. I left my side fringe free across my face along with a little bit on the other side of my face.

With my hair and face sorted I straightened my cloths and walked back into the room to see the armour plates peeking out from under the bed were I usually kept them along with my various patterned daggers. Most parents wouldn't of allowed there 23 year old daughters to have real weapons in their room but my parents were long gone now so it didn't really matter.

I threw my self on the mattress cross legged and stared at my cut arm hands and feet. In my hand a small blue ball of energy conjured up in my hand. I burst out over my body like a scanner and small parts attached to the cuts. They removed the smallest pieces of glass and closed the cuts into thin lines that would heal well within a few days.

With my appearance and well being sorted I whipped my head to face the alarm clock and my eyes narrowed as I allowed myself an evil grin.

"OW!" Came a startled males voice from below. I ran over to the window to see the smashed clock parts scattered on the pavement and a man probably twice my age rubbing an imaginary bump on his bold head. His eyes scanned the buildings and before he could see me I hid round the corner of the wall and laughed.

I continued laughing slightly until it was no longer funny and stared at the gap under my bed. I crawled over on my hands and knees and brought out a box filled with various daggers of different shapes sized and colours. Normally my armour would be layered neatly on top but considering what happened last night it was obvious I hadn't the time.

I stared back at the smashed window and ragged curtains that blew slightly in the wind.

Smash! Glass shattered around me but thanks to my biotic barrier none collied with my skin only bouncing off and tearing the unexpected curtains to shreds.
I land in a painful position on my back and momentarily my breath is knocked from me.
I reach for a dagger under my bed and once I have one I launch myself forward into a standing position aiming the dagger out the window.
It is dark outside but the light my barrier is giving off would of been enough for me to see them. After a few minutes of scanning I am sure the person has left. I drop my dagger and hastily remove my armor throwing it under my bed. Crouching up I reach for my pillows and blanket planning to move then to a different room to sleep in, but I slip on the broken glass and fall onto the bed. Without meaning to I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I shake off the disturbingly life like memory and stare out the window. Cocking my head I see the smashed screen read 9:27 when it was torn apart by the curb. In my head I do a rough estimate that its half past or twenty five to and grab the parts of my armour.

I slip the armor on and grab a few various daggers from my blue pile and slipped them into the various straps. Standing up I look out the window, satisfied no one was around I climbed onto the frame and climbed onto the roof.

Quickly plotting the way I started running across the roof tops towards Kallista's home.


  1. LOL!

    I like when you refer to the alarm clock as IT.


  2. WOOT!!!!
    You finally got the comment thingie working! XD

    EXCELLENT writing Nicolette!! Cleverly written!
    It's awesome to see the world through yoru OC'c perspective!
    LOL I love the whole alarm clock thing! Very funny!

    Love your new blog Nicolette! Love your old one too with all the stories and chats we had. I hope you didn't delete any of those. :P
    Some of your other brilliant stories are not finished yet!




    Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

    (a Nerdfighter thing! ) :P

  6. wow nicolette!

    truely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i agree with kallista that it is a great idea u doing a story from ur OC's perspective- very creative ;)

    keep 'em commin' :D