Sunday, 20 February 2011

The world of Nicolette Croga 3)

The days past slowly and I began to wonder if we would get anywhere at all in the next week. Kallista reassured me every day that tomorrow would bring better news but you can only take so many broken promises before your trust falters.

At this rate it would only be a matter of time before either our attackers or the mortal police found us and neither really appealed to my interests. We had to go out and look for them now so we could keep the upper hand before they snatched it from us. But nobody agreed, they said it was better to be safe then sorry and being one of the youngest there did nothing but wreck my chances of them listening.

But if they had listened to me then maybe we wouldn't be in the mess we were now, maybe if we survived this they might take my opinion seriously next time round, or they might not but thinking about surviving and being ignored was better then thinking of the multiple ways I could die in this dark space.


The knife landed straight between the branches of the tree and I smiled inwardly to myself at still being able to aim so well. Over the past few days all I could do was practise my combat and biotic skills as I sat around waiting for my friends to do something, Anything.

A couple of months ago aiming so accurately would of brought a grin to my face but after time all the little tricks skill wore off as the skills became so easy it was like second nature. I wanted to be practising my biotics, it was a new skill that had just been discovered by the magical community and those who possessed it were left leaning on there own to try and learn how to use it

But I wasn't allowed to use it, most of us had agreed that practising our powers would cause suspicion that would give away our location faster and so all of us had to stick strictly to combat only whilst outside.

Inside of course it was fine, we were all allowed to do what ever we wanted inside, well everyone but me. Kallista didn't want me to have any hard feelings but she simply didn't want be practising with undiscovered powers in her house, I could understand why, last time I had practised I had nearly caused a disaster. I had condured up a ball of pure energy in my hands and it was strangely relaxing but when Kallista glanced up from her book to see my eyes glowing with the white/blue energy she was kind of spooked and asked me to cut out that freaky mumbo jumbo.

I happily agreed but truth was I didn't know how. I couldn't just absorb such raw energy, I had tried once and it had knocked me unconscious, but I couldn't use energy this strong as a slam against the wall or multiple travelling bursts across the carpet as I would tear a hole in the wall, so I had let it go without force just slipping my mind away from the energy and hoping without control it would jut fade. But instead the ball flashed and pulled small items off of Kallista's tables and fire place placing them in orbit around it. I thought it was beautiful and by the look on Kallista's face so did she, but then the ball began to pull bigger things along like unoccupied chairs, books and plates and when Kallista felt her chair jolt forward we knew we had to do something.

I tried to call it off, absorbing it would be better then tearing the house apart, but the ball had a mind of its own now and when I broke connection with it I lost control of it.

Kallista tried to shield it off by encasing it in earth but the rock split into pieces and joined the other objects in orbit as it continued to grow bigger. Kallista had screamed out to Dragona to do something and when he skidded to a halt at the door his eyes widened, he used water and air and fire on it but it had no effect. However when the fire touched the ball a look of realisation crossed his face and the energy just burst into flames which Dragona could then control. The objects fell from orbit as dragona got rid of the fire and the least I could do was put a thin biotic shield around the fragile objects as they hit the ground.

Pulling objects towards me, pushing them away, sending energy at someone to knock them off in a certain direction, all easy, but controlling the energy, making the energy pull things in or making the energy stop and move, I couldn't do that.

So many possibilities opened up then, if Dragona could change the biotics into fire maybe I could turn the fire into biotics? what would I be able to do if I could control the energy in its pure form? Could I use other energy sources like moving water or air and electricity or maybe even the energy of a person.

The chance to try these advanced techniques were just opening up and the possibilities were endless. So I guess it was to bad for me that they had banned me. Now hardly being able to remember how I had done it in the first place the opportunities began to fade and every day without action was another day I got closer to forgetting.

So when the door had quickly been slammed down that night and vampires had reigned in threw the new hole I didn't know whether to be happy or disappointed


A small moan brought me out of my memory and for the first time I realized I wasn't alone, it was so dark and with the restraints leaving me unable to do magic I couldn't produce a handful of blue energy to illuminate the room and see if I was alone. But with that moan I knew I wasn't, I knew someone was waking up now and I wondered whether we were all in here? Surely I wouldn't of been the first to wake? Sure I was one of the first to go down but normally when I knocked myself out with biotics or was knocked out by someone else I was usually under for days. I briefly wondered if we had been here for days but when I heard the voice of the person with me I knew instantly we couldn't of been.

"Hello." Kallista half moaned sounding like she was biting back pain. "Any one in here with me?" I wanted to answer her and to end her panic before it even started but I was locked in my thoughts to answer. Kallista only stayed unconscious for a couple of hours, it was a safety mechanism of hers, she had had a jumpy life and her body just couldn't not stay alert. So I couldn't of been knocked out not really.

I remembered the vampires storming into the house and Bridget zooming across the room in the blink of an eye to collide with them, I remembered that everyone had took up attacking positions but I couldn't remember how I got here, I figured I was knocked out and taken but that wasn't possible in my mind right now, something else had happened and until my brain figured it out my lips failed to open and my voice failed to answer Kallistas pleading.


A hiss came from the corner of the room and before my body's reflexes even started to kick in Bridget was in front of me, tangling herself with another vampire. By the time I had reached for my dagger she had killed two vampires and I was sure she would kill more but the vampires kept pouring in and I couldn't help but wonder how long she would last.

I threw my dagger into empty space but by the time it got there a vampire had gotten in its path, it dropped to the ground dead and I couldn't help but smile.

Oh this lifestyle was making me morbid.

At that moment it was as if the vampires had only just noticed our presence and they dived for us. My barrier flicked to life just as a vampire jumped at me and from beside me a wave of fire washed over it. I turned to see Sarthacus and Dragona back to back slamming the vampires with fire and air before they could get to close. I smiled at he display of there friendship and then realized this was no time to be noticing how close they were.

Unfortunately for me I realized to late and a vampire had me on the ground before I could even turn my head back. My mouth let out a delayed yelp of surprise as the beast still in its human skin dove for my neck. It was night and these vampires had obviously injected themselves to stay human, if they wanted to kill us they would of shed there skin and so his goal wasn't to kill me.

I dodged his bite at the last second and he looked at me, the predatory look send shivers down my spine but I had a pretty freaky look of my own when time called for it. My eyes flashed white and the vampires face became socked then quickly puzzled as I threw him up against the ceiling knocking him out. His limp body came back down and landed on me and as I pushed him away I realized just how many vampires there were.

I stood up to help but another enemy grabbed me from behind and before I could yell for help I was out of the door. The air rushed past so fast it was hard to breath, the little gasps I could get were not enough and I was using up more oxygen trying to get some then I was breathing in. I felt the shaking of the shoulders as the vampire laughed and my eyes flickered closed, my body going into energy saving mode. I had only harmed two vampires before I was out of the game, how pathetic.

I wasn't knocked out then, not really, my body couldn't breath and when it could again the adrenaline kicked in again waking me up. "I'm here Kallista. your not alone." I said hating how I didn't sound phased at all by the situation whilst my friend was suffering. What had I missed when I was taken away so early? "God Nicolette don't panic me like that?" The words implied she was angry but her tone showed it wasn't directed at me. "Sorry." I whispered trying to shift to a more comfortable position to find I was already in the most comfortable position. "Don't be" Kallista whispered and the way she said it made me realize that the conversation had just finished and now all we could do was wait.

Is it me or are we always being attacked in our stories, maybe were just that special :3. I'll have to do a humorous story in the future but not right now as it would be kind of inappropriate. I'm sorry that it just mainly me and Kallista in this chapter but the rest of you come in later, i just couldn't be bothered to make this chapter any longer and considering I started writing this at 5am and woke up at 3am you should be proud I have done any writing at all :D


  1. I Love it Nicolette! I was just re reading the story and was surprised I had not left a comment before. I'm sorry for that.
    This is a fantistic piece Nicolette! Great writing. I hope to read more soon! :D