Monday, 28 March 2011

The world of Nicolette Croga 5)

The snow had gotten alot softer over the past few minutes which meant even if they couldn't feel it the temperature was getting warmer. They had been walking for little over 20 minutes and still they couldn't get any signal but they had to be close. Kallista knew that Israel had probably already seen their conversation on the phone and that they were most likely already on their way but if she changed her mind about making the call or if they stopped walking then Israel wouldn't be able to see it if he hadn't already.
So even though they were covered in snow from head to toe and there skin had turned dangerously pale there trudged on,knowing if they stopped they wouldn't be able to start walking again.


Dragona took a sharp left around the corner and suddenly they were on the motor way. For ruffly 10 minutes Israel had been looking into the futre and he still hadn't found a location, by now he must be in the distant futre and if they hadn't found them by then they probably wouldn't find them at all. That was worrying, surely they would of been able to get in contact by then, unless something had happened to them.

Israel, who had been deadly still since they had gotten into the car, suddenly started to shake off what seemed like a bad memory. Sarthacus looked straight at Israel as he turned around to face him, the look in his eyes was that of someone who had just been told one of their relatives had died. That already was a bad sign. Israel what is it! Sarthacus shouted making Dragona turn slightly from his driving position to look back.

"I know where they are." He said, staring right past Sarthacus's shoulder and out of the window at the scenery. "Well where?" Sarthacus said, removing his belt to edge closer. "Israels gaze suddenly switched from outside to Sarthacus. "A mountain range somewhere, it wasn't very specific." He said before suddenly sitting round to face Dragona who had taken the hint and pulled over.

"Surely if they contacted us they would of given us more information." he said turning around fully now the car wasn't moving. "They didn't contact us, their attackers did." Israel said and suddenly they understood why he was acting so distant.


"There in the distance!" Kallista shouted, suddenly pulling my sences into high alert as she pulled my body into a run. I knew what she meant. There in the distance was the top of a network tower, if we could get past it we would be back in the area where you could receive signal. Now that my body was no longer drousy Kallista let go of my arm and pulled out her phone.

The snow was extremly soft by now and slipped greatly under our feet, it was a miracle the snow wasn't water, the last icale or puddle of ice to be seen was about a mile away from here. Of course this meant that at any second either of us could slip over, the cold snow would probably be enough to keep us down but this close to freedom we didn't even take notice we just wanted to get out of here.

Kallista was in the lead but at the top of the hill she paused, I assumed she was waiting for me but when I reached the top I realized what she had really caught her attention. Just infront of of the tower was a huge wall made entirely of ice. we wouldn't be able to get over somthing so big! Any other material we could of probaly managed to climb but this was ice not stone. Maybe if I was better at biotics I could of been able to push us over with a run up, but I wasn't and Kallista had spent so long mastering earth I would be surprised if she was advanced enough munipulating the air to get us over.

The wall was easily over 200 metres. However as my eyes trailed to the top I realized this wasn't the main problem. There resting on the top was around 8 people in black stood calmly on top. At first I though it was more vampires but then my brains logic clicked in and I realized a wall like this couldn't exist natrually, they had to be elementals. And good ones.

The black figures crouched as they saw us on the horizan and I squinted to get a better look. Four had a tight grip on the ice, they were probably keeping it up, but the other four looked as if they were about to...

"Get down!" Kallista shouted pulling me over as the figures jumped off the wall sending a huge shock wave of air at us. It could of easily knocked us out on its own but the snow around us was fine and suddenly a huge wave of compact snow was hurtiling towards us. I quickly put up a dome around me and Kallista as she forced up a wall of rock. The world around us went dark as the rock sealed and for a few seconds all that my sences could pick up was mine and Kallistas heavy breathing. Then the world came back into veiw only to be surrounded by white as Kallistas rock wall smashed to peices around us.

Kallista jumped visably next to me and I wish I could do the same but I had to stay rooted to the spot if I wanted this barrier to hold. My eyes squinted shut as I tried, the wall had taken most of the impact but the snow was still passing over and the job to keep us sheltered was still hard. As soon as the darkness in my head turned yellow I let the barrier drop and collapsed to the ground. Panting I allowed myself to look up at the wall of ice. The 4 figures were still up there keeping it standing but the other four were still somewhere around us. I guess they had expected the artificial avalanche to wipe us out.

If that was the case I needed to get a barrier back up. But once again my biotics weren't good enough and just as I began to stand a ring of fire burst up around us. The warmth brought me great comfort and I guess I wouldn't of minded the fire if it wasn't enclosing around us. Kallista rolled over to aviod the flame from her position on the floor and I quickly staggered over to help her up. However before I could reach her the snow below me gave out and I fell deep into the snow, looking up I could see the other parts of the snow colapsing to and very soon after I fell Kallista did to. I ran over to her and got her sitting up just as the snow bagan to turn to water. The ditch in the snow was slowly filling with water but the snow just outside of the fire dome seemed to stay rock solid.

These elementals were good I'd give them that. Kallista stood to avioid the rising water whilst trying to make a rock slope to get us up and out but is was obliterated immedietly by our unseen enemies. "No!" kallista shouted and as she did I felt my legs turn stiff. Looking down I saw they were encased in ice. Just when I thought my upper body would meet a simaler fate the ice around Kallista's legs melted as a rush of air hit her, knocking her out. As soon as the ice around my legs melted I threw myself forward into the now draining water.

I had to do something but what? I didn't get a chance to think of anything as a burst of water slammed me into the frozen snow, knocking me out to.


The black porshe skided into the bottom of the mountain range, grinding to a hault. The sound of shutting doors followed seconds after as the 3 boys broke away from the car and tore up the mountain range. Mountains either meant scotland or wales and so therefor the chances of finding anything was 50/50. Given the chances they had headed for the mountain range in Scotland as Israel said the mountains were only occupied by these people, meaning they would need a large unocccupied area which you cant really find in wales.

Of course the scotish mountain ranges where huge, Israel had just pulled them in to the most familer spot so they couldn't really get their hopes up. The snow at the start of the mountain range was hard to climb as it kept slipping from beneath their feet but Israel said this was a good sign as he had seen soft snow in the area. However it also meant they had to be cautious. "Israel does this place seem familar?" Sarthacus asked whilst scaling the huge white hill. Israel honestly had no idea, he had seen this place but he had seen multiple locations in his vision, and he couldn't really rememeber which one they were meant to be heading for.

"Possibly." He replied, not wanting to get their hopes up yet not giving them the idea that this wasn't the place. Because it could be. They had stopped at various other locations and found nothing so they were bound to be getting close. "Their bodies had been in the snow." He said after realising Dragona was looking in the distance for something. "It doesn't make sense but they haven't planned an ambush, in fact I don't even know who they are." Israel continued to rant on as Dragona continued to stare in the distance. "I'm not looking for a buliding I'm looking at that." Dragona said pointing.

At first none of the other two saw what he was pointing at but as their eyes focused they saw a huge wall of ice. On the tops were multiple black dots, which they then realized where people. Israel's eyes went wide as he shouted for the other two to get down. They hadn't spotted them yet but Israel didn't want them to. He wouldn't know how they'd react until they saw them as they weren't expecting them but he didn't want to take chances. "Are these are people?" Sarthacus asked peering at Israel from across the snow. Sarthacus knew they had to be, not many people made it habits of theirs to stand on giant blocks of ice.

"Have to be." Israel said answering his question as he pulled off a sniper from his back. As he peered threw it the gun suddenly dropped from his hands, sinking into the snow. " See them." Israel said. "Their on the other side of the wall."

Israel didn't know whether to be releived or worried so settled for something else. "How come I didn't see the sorcerers and their nice wall there in the vision." He whispered. The sorcerers obioulsy knew they were there after all. "Advanced magic? Mages?" Sarthacus guessed "What ever it is it isn't good."

"Got that right." Came a deep voice from behind them. Sarthacus didn't have time to move before he was struct down by them but Dragona and Israel managed to roll. Yet another thing Isreal hadn't been able to see. Damn it.


  1. THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven't read the other four but your such a good writer that I get most of this.


  2. EPICA!!!
    WOW Nicolette! AMAZING! This is an excellent and suspensful action filled story! Just the way I like it! :D
    I LOVE IT!!!
    Thanks for posting this. It made my day! I can't wait for the next part! HURRY! WRITE MORE!!!!